• 'For me the most important component of a great studio is its ability to offer creative immersion. Giving me the freedom to do whatever I want whilst letting my surroundings interact with my mess. This space keeps this philosophy at its core. As a result, I’ve been blessed to witness the studio facilitate countless artists in finding and capturing something unique and relevant. And yes, function is of paramount importance - I've worked tirelessly with producers and clients to design, equip and develop a studio with wicked tools and flexibility.' 


    Filipe Gomes (Artist & Founder of Arco Barco )    


    The space is perfectly suited to other forms of audio production, from podcasts, to sound design, to film post production. Arco Barco has been the home for countless projects, catering for clients from a variety of backgrounds. Our studio has facilitated projects for some of the country's most prestigious arts, media and story organisations, including; Turner Contemporary Margate, Southbank Centre, V&A Museum London, Instagram and IDEO to name a few. 

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    The control room is at the very heart of Arco Barco, it's always on hand to capture and process sound sources with ease and efficiency. Infact, the whole building is patched in to this space allowing our clients to make use of every area - whether it be recording drums in a controlled live room or recording saxophone on our mezzanine, you always have the option to feed in to our boards.

    Although we run high spec computers, for example, our Mac Pro 3.2gHz 8 core with 64GB of Ram & SSD storage, we are 100% aware of the need for 'plug and play' set ups. At Arco Barco, you can bring in your lap top and with one connection you'll be completely intergrated with the whole control room, allowing engineers, producers and artists to directly record on to their own machines with ease and reliability.   


    The control room has also been designed to achieve precision audio capture and referencing - offering 32 channel multi-track recording & playback at up to 192kHz. We've worked tirelessly on blending past technologies with current digital processing - from multitrack tape machines, analog outboard, large format recording consoles to high grade digital processing. 


    Tracking in Arco Barco can be done from anywhere in the space, from multi- source live recording in the main arch space, to isolated recordings in our live room. We have a large selection of professional and specialist microphones including models from Neumann, AKG, Sennhiser, Shure and many more.   


    Although the space has been designed to fully exploit the astonishing acoustic characteristics of the maritime arch itself, we have also built a wide range bespoke 'lego' style sound baffles that essentially enable us to build isolated spaces around the building - this makes live tracking an absolute breeze, offering perfect sight lines and shared space between performers. The baffles are also a key feature in shaping the sound of the space when re-projecting in to the main arch as an echo/reverb chamber, producing some of the richest natural reverbs. 



Please note that Arco Barco is located within a second floor maritime arch and the only access is via a steep external staircase. We’re currently looking at options to amend this staircase but unfortunately it's a strenuous process given the nature of the building. We'd like to take this opportunity to offer our sincerest apologies to anyone who might be restricted by this. We also like to ask anyone choosing to visit us to contact us first - either through our contact page or by filling out the 'book' form below. 

Studio clients, please rest assured that our team at Arco Barco are experts at getting equipment in and out of the space. Simply let us know what you'd like to load in and we'll do our very best to accommodate your requirements.

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