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"Foremost, a studio should serve as a catalyst, empowering each individual who enters to plunge into a state of profound focus and creation, crafting work they can take pride in. While it is fundamentally a workspace, maintaining an aura of fluidity and a vibrant atmosphere is crucial. The studio must be adaptive, catering to the most intricate fidelity needs, while simultaneously being a wellspring of inspiration and liberating creativity."

Filipe Gomes  - Artist & Founder of Arco Barco     




For all audio applications, we run precision equipment that is designed around accuracy and critical referencing. This is to ensure we can meet the technical needs and requirements of our clients.  From large multi tracked live sessions, to Film Audio Post Production and professional Radio/Podcast. You'll know that when you work with us you'll be using tools that capture and reproduce your 'full picture' accurately.     

Although we have extremely powerful audio processing computers, we also understand the need for 'plug and play' set ups too - you can bring in your laptop and, with one digital connection you'll be completely integrated with the whole studio, allowing engineers, producers and artists to directly record on to their own machines with the same level of control and audio fidelity as our in house machines. 

Beyond digital audio applications,  we offer an array of analog sound reproduction facilities - we've worked tirelessly at blending past and current technologies. For those looking to add more 'colour' to their sound, we have multitrack tape machines, a range of analog outboard, modular recording consoles and a vinyl lathe cutter...that's right you can cut a record at our studio.  


Recording in Arco Barco can be done from anywhere in the space, from multi- source live tracking in our large live room, to isolated recordings in our vocal booths and smaller live rooms. Our recording spaces are unique, full of atmosphere and sonically stunning. We believe a recording studio should be more than a 'stale' environment, it should inspire and relax its' users, it shouldn't be intimidating and/or dull, it should make even the most mundane processes feel enjoyable.


Our main vocal booth offer's great views in to the harbour and main studio space, and thanks to our silent air flow and filtration system, any aerosol left from the previous person in the booth, is extracted within 60 seconds.     


The rest of the space has been designed to fully exploit the astonishing acoustic characteristics of the maritime arch itself. If you're looking to record in the main arch, then rest assured that we have built a wide range bespoke 'lego' style sound baffles that enable us to build isolated spaces around the space - this significantly aids live tracking , offering sight lines and shared space between performers. The baffles are also a key feature in shaping the sound of the space when re-projecting as an echo/reverb chamber, producing some of the richest natural reverbs. 

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The space is optimised for all forms of audio production, from film audio post production, to sound design, to radio/podcasts. Arco Barco has been the home of a range of projects, catering for clients from a variety of backgrounds.  Our studio has facilitated projects for some of the country's most prestigious arts, media and story organisations, including; Turner Contemporary Margate, Southbank Centre, V&A Museum London, Instagram and IDEO to name a few. 

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We kindly inform you that Arco Barco is uniquely situated within a maritime arch on the second floor, and the sole access point is through a steep external staircase.

Regrettably, due to the building’s listed status, modifications to improve accessibility are not permissible. We deeply regret any inconvenience this may cause and extend our sincerest apologies to those who might find access challenging.

To our studio clients, we would like to assure you that our dedicated team at Arco Barco specialises in managing equipment logistics in this distinctive space. Please inform us of your equipment requirements in advance, and we will endeavor to meet your needs to the best of our abilities.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation and are committed to making your experience with us as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further assistance.

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